The Power Is In The People Movement.

In 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led one of the largest civil rights movements to this day. The march on Washington where he delivered the “I have a dream” speech to thousands of people. Racial injustice and many other catastrophic events led to the greatest march that changed society for African Americans and many others to come. Those same catastrophic events that led to the march on Washington are the same events just in a new millennium that has led to The Power is in the People Movement. The Power is in the People movement is a call to all people to put an end to gang violence, the destruction of our families, the lack of unity, the high rate of poverty ,drugs in our community and most of all the mental and physical execution of our youth. Trenton N.J. goes by the motto “Trenton makes the world takes”. Our vision is that our call for unity will ring out not only through the city streets, but through the country.

Monday, September 3, 2007


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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, “I don’t march because I like it. I march because I must, and because I’m a man.” First I would like to state that The Power is in the People Movement is in no way, shape, or form, a movement to cause unrest. The call for a change is now. The Power is in the People Movement is a call for action, a movement to bridge the gap of generational loss and perplexity, a call for unification of all people. This is the start of a dream in action, which can be used universally so that the problem of unity in communities throughout the world will unravel itself to build a better tomorrow.

Do we as a people exist in a state of crisis or opportunity? The answer is simple, all you have to do is pick up a newspaper, turn on the television, or just walk to the corner. The answer is all around us, the problem continuously strikes us in our face, but we continue to turn a blind eye and act like the crisis is going to work itself out. Well I’m here to tell you that that if we continue to wait, we will not have to worry about this crisis working itself out, this crisis will have worked us out. How long will we wait until we rise to action? How long will we wait until we get involved? How long until it is to long? To answer the question, to long has come and passed. The time for action is now. In order to take action against something or someone you cannot act off of instinct, but act on knowledge. To take action against a Crisis you have to understand the complexity of the crisis. A crisis is a productive tool that can generate destruction or opportunity. A crisis is created and designed to bring about devastation, but it also can be shaped to bring into being, opportunity. The crises during the 60s created the opportunity for the Civil Rights Movement, the crises during the 70s created the opportunity for the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, and the crises during the 90s created the opportunity of the Million Man March.

We are wasting our time waiting for our “Modern Day Moses” to come and deliver us from the injustice and inequality that we face. These were the sentiments that Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr, a professor at Princeton University, expressed to the crowd as he reviewed his book, “In a Shade of Blue”. Speaking for the younger generation I posed the question to Dr. Glaude “When and who will lead us from these acts of violence, the ignorant vocabulary and the welfare state of mind that our culture has adopted”. Dr. Glaude explained that, no one will come to save us. We are continuously looking for Dr. King, and Brother Malcolm, instead of looking to ourselves and understanding the concept that you are the “Modern Day Moses” that you are looking for. It is up to you to go into your neighborhood, community, barrio, and talk to the people so that we can all unite together for a common goal. That goal is Unity, unification of all people. No longer can look we to the Government to provide us with a plan for salvation, the plan has already been set, the call has been made, now is the time to answer.